much learning has taken place at the alumni of code craftsman saturdays in large part thanks to cyber‑dojo

the place to practice programming
Create your programming dojo.
You choose a language and an exercise.
Type in your dojo's id on each computer.
A dojo's id has 6 hex chars, eg 3AF65A.
an id contains only the digits 0123456789 and letters ABCDEF, and is case insensitive
Enter your dojo on each computer.
It will be assigned an animal, eg wolf.
Review your code. Click any animal's
traffic-light to replay its diffs.
A computer can re-enter your dojo as a
specific animal. Occasionally useful.
if you find cyber‑dojo useful please donate. donations are used solely to buy raspberry pi'es for kids.
£2439 raised so far
thank you

a superb non‑profit organisation of programmers who care about professionalism in programming.